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Press Release

Fire it up excellence through integrity, the perfect example of a perfect 5-star motorcycle shop for customers

. The legendry Roger Mc Cleery and Craig Langton

New updated #Integritypack 16-part package, the unique BikeBuyers and all new revolutionary Rapid Bike brand

“At Fire it up we believe all customers deserve a 5-star experience, regardless of the size of the purchase, we invite all motorcyclists to come and share in the Integrity, Honestly, Transparency and Friendliness of our shop,” said Craig Langton founder and creator of this unique one of a kind motorcycle outlet.

“Our core values of affordable motorcycling and excellent clean stock is stronger than ever before as we continually commit to offering our customer a 5 Star Experience, this is us making a Vision Possible.”

“Craig Langton has created so many attractive deals, that the competition cannot match or possibly keep up with him, the motorcycle industry should take note on how to run a perfect motorcycle operation,” said Roger Mc Cleery a man that knows more about the industry than anyone out there. “It never stops at Fire it up, he comes up with mind blowing out of the box concepts, that just keep on coming, daily and weekly there is something new and unique weekly all very attractive offers to his customers. His expansion program and success in a very short time has been an eye opener, as journalists we cannot keep up with his continuous flow of promotions, attractive programs and new revolutionary brands and products. We announce one and there’s another promotion in our inbox’s that are even more mind blowing,” said Mc Cleery.

Currently the Fire it up customer winner is the Integrity pack which is unmatchable in the country this has now been extended, the new #INTEGRITYPACK offers buyers the first and most unique ‘Confidence Inspiring Proposal’ in the industry.

“To add to our #INTEGRITYPACK and to show our true integrity and to offer customers absolute peace of mind we will be offering a 7-day exchange policy and a guaranteed trade-in or buy back facility of up to 80% after 24 months,” said Craig Langton

The #INTEGRITYPACK now includes,

1.            Free 2-year warranty                                          9.  Free valet

2.            Accident Free Motorcycles.                                10. Competitive pricing.

3.            No hidden fees or costs.                                    11. Free Motorcycle Rider training.

4.            New tyres.                                                          12. Free UBER collection

5.            7-day exchange policy.                                      13. Free PDI 50-point inspection

6.            Guaranteed trade-in or buy back.                     14. Owner Manual

7.            Full tank of Fuel.                                               15 Service History

8.            Free Pre-delivery inspection.                            16 Spare keys

This new FIRE IT UP package is aimed at offering customer’s real peace of mind when purchasing a motorcycle from the company.


Then there is BikeBuyers the only safe way to sell your motorcycle another winning concept from Fire It Up if you are not aware of this service do yourself a favour and call them as there is no better way to sell your motorcycle. They will come to you, offering instant secure cash payments while you wait, offer you more than your dealer or the book value, they will buy all types of motorcycles, offer free evaluation tests, free national collection countrywide, risk free, arrange finance free of charge. Call James Ridley for all the details. Your selling experience will be better than your buying experience.


A brand-new plug and play at home with instant results, no dyno setup is required, MotoGP technology finally available for your motorcycle. Plus, the advantage of modern electronics. This includes:

  1. Quick/Assist MotoGP shifter, Dynamic shifts with shift times, automatically calibrated
  2. Complete control of the entire fuel system including the closed loop
  3. Speed/RPM limiter adjust
  4. Engine braking
  5. MotoGP style launch control
  6. Gear dependant traction control
  7. Pit lane limiter
  8. Cruise/Speed control
  9. Adaptive parameters Exclusive
  10. FIM approved and widely used in WSBK racing

There is a unique solution for every motorcycle from Superbikes, adventure bikes, and scooters. No more bypassing stock sensors/indicators to achieve results.

Guaranteed gains and instant results. Plus, you own the Rapid Bike unit for life, if you sell your motorcycle you simply fit it to your next motorcycle. Prices from R2 900