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NATMAP 2050 proposes solutions to issues raised by transport ministry at SATC 2017

NATMAP 2050 proposes solutions to issues raised by transport ministry at SATC 2017

Proposed solutions to two fundamental issues raised by Gauteng Roads and Transport MEC, Ismail Vadi, during the 2017 Southern African Transport Conference (SATC), have been included in the 2050 National Transport Masterplan (NATMAP) 2050.

NATMAP 2050 proposes that an in-depth investigation (review, evaluation and economic feasibility study) of the existing BRT delivery model is required to either improve the sustainability of its delivery or to intervene in the future role of BRT. Insofar as public transport subsidies are concerned, the NATMAP proposes the development of an overarching public transport subsidy policy that will incorporate all modes of public transport to subsidise users and not operators.

Presenting NATMAP 2050 at the annual Conference, Department of Transport Deputy Director responsible for master planning, Kagiso Morapedi, revealed that transport planning policies in South Africa have been largely ineffective; lacked implementation (many plans, fewer actions) and have not produced the desired results. It indicates that the country’s transport policies have not met all intended objectives and a change in focus and priorities in transport is required.

“NATMAP indicates that small, sporadic progress has been made, but indicates there is a need for improved alignment between strategic land use planning and strategic infrastructure planning,” says Morapedi. “Short-term interventions in NATMAP include refocusing on passenger transport (including scholar transport) to be demand responsive and customer focused. The examination of operational hours of heavy goods vehicles in support of road safety objectives; rural transport and countrywide land transport infrastructure improvements; eradication of inefficient planning; urban transport and land-use and transport integration and institutional reform.”

Morapedi said transport cannot be isolated from other socio-economic developments that took place in the country; therefore integration of transport and other sectors of economic development are critical.

More transport related insights will be shared during the last day of the Conference.

SATC is supported by both the South African Department of Transport (NDoT) and the US-based Transportation Research Board (TRB).